Orientation and Navigation

We started our bike trip in Dunhuang, Gansu province in northwest China.

From Google Earth we draw roughly a path on the roads we can see from point A to point B. When the Path is finish we can SAVE PLACE AS and get a .KML file. With GPS BABEL a free software converter for MAC I can convert this .KML file to a .GPX file that Garmin Basecamp can read and transferring the route to GPS is then pretty easy.

Second option which Cath found is much easier and amazingly helpful is to search http://en.wikiloc.com/ for the route in between the 2 city we are looking for… This option is much faster because other biker enter their bike route and the downloadable route are free. Often they start the route from the hotel where they have stay so not only you get the perfect gps route from one city to another but you get strait to a hotel when you arrive in a new city without having to seach like crazy.

That’s pretty much how yesterday we found this amazing hotel 15 meter from where the GPS route we were following end.

About 30$ a night for an amazing hotel… and breakfast is included!!


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