Internet in China

If there is one thing you should know about internet in china is that Wifi is almost never available… I mean there is plenty of secure wifi which you cannot connect because most of them are secured. The one thing you will find in any hotel is a eternet cable… So if you have a iphone, Ipad , Mini PC or Macbookair… You might have a pretty hard time connecting to internet… One way to get around this is a USB to Eternet adapter if you travel with a laptop. If you only travel with a Iphone or Ipad, I would recommend bringing a Airport Express or any other king of small portable wifi you can find in order to connect the eternet cable from the room and make your own wifi to connect with your device!!

Now that you have a connection, let’s say that anywhere i went except from Hongkong the Great Firewall was blocking pretty much everything social on the web so I use a VPN provider call VYR for 14.99 a month its really good on the speed!! Of course it always depend on your hotel connection but if the hotel is good I found that adding the VPN with VYR was pretty amazingly good for such far away server!! Works both PC, MAC, Linux so everybone is happy!!


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