The World of FAT BIKE in 2014

For a while the question was do I really want a Fat Bike and when this question was answered by yes the hardest part was to find one…  The reality is that the Fat Bike became victim of their popularity!!

After searching extensively on Fat Bike and ending most of my search a result with too many bookmarks… I decide to get all that info available and share the best of these search here is a list of useful link for anyone looking to buy a Fat Bike.

The very first thing is always price and as usual most of the time for bike you get what you pay for. But to my great surprise quite a few unexpensive Fat bike options exist out there: Budget models ; Mid Range models ; High End models

Here is a list of my favorite brands:

Surly, Salsa, 45 North, 9zero7

And last but not least the very best Bike blog you can follow : gypsybytrade

Its a unbelievable source of information on touring and bikepacking as well as Fatbiking!!



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