Down the road


6 years ago I went on a ATV 4×4 to the end of the road and then start walking towards what is called locally as “Dry Bay”. The Inuit are mussel picking at low tide in this stunning location near the Ungava Bay! For this overnighter we decide to pack as light as possible and ride our FAT Bike on the Tundra. We got to see Muskox 4 times on this trip and luckily the wind was blowing and help keep the bugs away from us most of the time!!
Guillaume Bedard is riding Surly Pug-Ops and I ride a Salsa Mukluk 2 with Jones bar
We use Relevate Design :
Framebag :
Salty roll :
Gas tank :
Mountain feed bag:
If you want to see more video of Fatbike check out this vimeo album :
If you want to see more video from Nunavik check out this vimeo album :
Equipment :
Canon EOS 7D
Lens Tokina 10-17
Lens Canon 24-105
Go Pro Hero 3
Edit on Final Cut Pro X
Music : Down the road from the group C2C :


TNGA bikepacking trip to Georgia,USA

So far we have been gathering information on the Trans North Georgia Trail trip coming up from may 21st to may 29th where we will be bikepacking this 360 miles (500km) of trail.

Here is a few useful link I found along the way:

Mulberry Gap being the best basecamp you can wish for with loads of very useful information!!

We will be using the Relevate Design bikepacking bags :

Framebags Surly and Salsa

Gas tank:


Harness :

2 ways opening drybag:

Pockets for extra front space:

Seat Bag Viscacha:

light weight stove from MSR Pocket Rocket:

Titanium lightweight cooking pot 700 ml:

That’s it for the bikepacking equipment for this trip for now but here is the pogies I like for Fatbiking this winter!

Ride FAT or die Skinny


Ride FAT or die Skinny from Francois Carrier Deziel on Vimeo.

Here is the unpacking and our first few ride around Kuujjuaq, Nunavik.
If you want to see more video from Nunavik check ou this vimeo album
Equipment :
Canon EOS 7D
Lens Tokina 10-17
Lens Canon 24-105
Lens Canon 100-400
Go Pro Hero 3
Edit on Final Cut Pro X
Music : Wine and Chocolates from Theophilus London


When we were looking to go in Asia about a year and half ago, I stumble upon Bikepacking setup which made me dream… We did our 6 months biking in asia on paved road and a few dirt road but our setup was for road touring. Now almost 9 months after beiing back home I have been discussing with my 2 pal bikepacking setup and through those discussion and more searching the FAT BIKE came into focus. Now living in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik in the Quebec province we have a long winter and the FAT BIKES might just be the best option!! After shopping for the perfect FAT BIKE the Surly Moonlander seem like perfect fit for the condition we have… Now Fat biking is becoming so popular that no dealer in Montreal had any in stock!! Now my friend Guillaume spotted the Pug OPS a semi fat bike quite versatile and with tire size 4″ its seems to give more option for summer riding and the 3″ tire are compatible on the this bike. Pug OPS was also sold out and my attention went for the Salsa Mukluk 2 which on top of being available in size medium was also having the same rim, tire size as the Pug OPS. The 2 company seems to be own by the same owner and so many parts travel between both company. The shifters quality is little lower than the Surly Pug OPS and a few less attachment on the front and rear fork but the lower tube can take a extra bottle or gas canister which is a must for me.


After landing in Kuujjuaq sunday I open the box and assemble it together in order to get a first ride in the ski-doo trail around the neighborhood and this bike is AWESOME!! It just float like nothing else I have ever seen!! I am still the playing around with the tire pressure to find out the perfect amount of air for me but yet I could not be more happy!!!